Asen Niss

Qunari mercenary


Grey skinned, 6’6" qunari Tal-Vashoth. Quiet but observant, extremely intimidating.

Str 5
Dex 1
Con 3
Per 3
Cun 2
Will 2
Magic 1
Comm 0

HP 51
AC 15 (Heavy Leather)
Speed 10

Thrown Weapon Style (Novice) +1 to attack
Two Handed Style (Journeyman) move opponent 2 yards with hit; 1 SP for Might Blow
Armor Training (Novice) no dex penalty in battle for armor

Strength (Heavy Blades) 7
Strength (Axes) 7
Strength (Spears) 7
Strength (Intimidation) 7
Strength (Climbing) 7
Strength (Jumping) 7
Perception (Searching) 5
Willpower (Courage) 4
Dexterity (Brawling) 3
Dexterity (Riding) 3

Two Handed Sword 3d6+9/3d6+5-AC
Two Handed Axe 3d6+9/3d6+5-AC
Two Handed Spear 3d6+6/3d6+5-AC


Asen Niss

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