Ciaran Litwyn


Class Rogue
Level 5 Experience points 11,050
Background City Elf

Communication 4 (focus: Persuasion) (focus: deception)
Constitution 20
Cunning 3
Dexterity 5 (focus: Lock Picking) (focus: stealth)
Magic 0
Perception 3 (focus: Searching)
Strength 3 (focus: Climbing)
Willpower 2

Class powers & spells
Rogue’s armour
Starting talent (Seeing)
Pierce armour (1 point instead of 2)

Languages: Trade Tongue
Thievery (novice)
Contacts (novice)
Bluff (novice)
Dual Weapon Style (novice)

Health: 46
Defence: 14
Speed: 16
Armour 3

Weapon Damage
Dagger 3d6+3
Throwing knife 1d6
Crossbow 2d6
Bows, Brawling, Light Blades, Staves.

Backpack, traveler’s garb, waterskin, light leather armour, crossbow, 20 bolts, dagger, throwing blade, lock picks, quiver, tent (small), flint and steel. 3 gold, 27 silver.


Ciaran Litwyn

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