No, wait, Tanner. Yeah, that's it.



XP: 7500

Class: Rogue
Weapons Classes: Bows, Brawling, Light Blades, Staves

HP: 45 | Speed: 15 | Defense: 15 | Armor: 3


  • Communication: 2
  • Constitution: 1
  • Cunning: 2
  • Dexterity: 5
    • Focus: Traps +2
    • Focus: Bows +2
    • Focus: Acrobatics +2
  • Magic: 1
  • Perception: 2
  • Strength: 2
    • Focus: Jumping +2
    • Focus: Climbing +2
    • Focus: Intimidation +2
  • Willpower: 1


  • Longbow (Attack Roll: 3d6+DEX+Bonuses | Damage: 1d6+3+PER)
  • Morningstar (Attack Roll: 3d6+DEX+Bonuses | Damage: 1d6+3+STR)

Class Powers:

  • Backstab (+2 attack roll | +1d6 damage)
  • Pierce Armor (costs 1 stunt point instead of 2)


  • Scouting (Novice: Can re-roll failed stealth tests, must use second roll)
  • Archery Style (Novice: Take Aim +2 Attack instead of +1)
  • Bluff (Novice: Can backstab when adjacent)


  • Trade Tongue

Equipment & Money:

  • Backpack
  • Traveler’s garb
  • Water skin
  • Light leather armor
  • Longbow
  • Quiver
  • 20 Arrows
  • Morningstar

0 GP | 59 SP | 0 CP


Nechtan’s tribe lives in platform houses built in greybeam cypress canopies, in the western marshes of the Korcari Wilds. In most ways they are a typical Chasind tribe, with one major distinction: the Sojourn.

As a right of passage, young adults from the tribe are sent into the wider world and given three tasks—one for the good of the Sojourner, one for the good of the tribe, and one for the good of the wider world. Most Sojourns last from one to three years, assuming the Sojourner chooses to come back, which the vast majority do.

Nechtan was given a five-year Sojourn posing as a Fereldan, with the goals of learning patience for himself, of obtaining cultural knowledge for the tribe, and of being a Friend of Red Jenny for the wider world.

Nechtan is having some difficulty with his tasks. Patience does not come easy to him, which is no doubt why the shaman told him to focus on it, but five years is far more than any Sojourn he’s ever heard of, and he’s gotten very homesick after just a year and a half. He’s also not accustomed to deceit and is finding it difficult to convince Fereldans that he’s one of them. It’s easy enough to dress like them and adopt their accent, but he keeps forgetting to introduce himself as Tanner. Tanner isn’t a name, it’s a trade. Nechtan, now that’s a name.

Nechtan’s only sibling, his elder sister Fedelmid, chose several years ago not to return to the tribe after her Sojourn, for reasons unknown to him. He has a secret worry that her choice was in some way his fault; they had been somewhat estranged when her Sojourn began.


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